FX:EURAUD   歐元 / 澳幣
Good morning traders,

It seems EURAUD             is forming a bullish flag structure ? Impulse + Correction + Next impulse ?

Target is open and SL @ 1.462

From the fundamental perspective, Australia Inflation eases to 1.9 % so it supports the idea of a weaker AUD

6 Trading Rules :

1. Never add to a losing position .
2. Don´t be the first to buy low and sell high ., and don´t be the last one to exit
3. Think like a fundamentalist, trade like a technician .
4. Keep your analysis simple
5. Start small and increase exposure when trend is confirming your analysis
6. The hard trade is the right trade

Josep Pocalles
交易結束:達到停損點: Scenario invalidated, I will re-attempt if it returns back above 60 MA :
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I'm sorry, total noob here, what's "MA"?

Realisto_FX PRO jjreflexive
@jjreflexive, moving average
+1 回覆
jjreflexive Realisto_FX
@Realisto_FX, thanks!
Sorry, I did not notice that this was an English version, please never go against of the trend. Cheers
Realisto_FX PRO Jairo AlbertoSuarez
@Jairo AlbertoSuarez, thanks for the comment, however I´m considering a correction after the previous impulse :
Una cosa esencial a mi me enseñaron. Nunca ir en contra de la tendencia. Saludos
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