Bearish Crab opportunity @ EURAUD

FX:EURAUD   歐元 / 澳幣
A crab just completed at EURAUD             . RSI is oversold and must reverse and leave the oversold area. Currently it looks like the PRZ is not respected by the market and the pattern is not worth a trade. Watch closely on price action around PRZ within the next 1-2 hours. If price exceeds the SL zone, the pattern turns invalid.

I publish this mainly because I was amazed by how exact this pattern is measured. (XB @ 0.618, XA @ 0.709).

If this turns to a valid opportunity, be sure to enter below 1.52957 to maintain at least a 1:1 RR on TP1. Close 50% on 0.382 TP1 and rest on 0.618 TP2.

This pattern completed in the near of a previous downward channel where price broke out recently. So I still see opportunity for a price reversal.

Good luck.
評論: Just to be clear: "must reverse and leave the oversold area" does not mean the price must do this. I meant price must do this to turn this pattern into an opportunity. If price does not do this -- no trade.
交易進行: Entered per limit order @ 1.52957 (catched it a bit late, I know).

SL: 1.52534
T1: 1.5338
T2: 1.53713
評論: This is what happens, if you go to the trade and not let the trade come to you.
I would have got in at a much better price.
Fear of missing out -- I'm working on this already :)
評論: TP1 reached last night @ 1:30 in the morning. Closed 50% of my position and rolled SL to break even.

手動結束交易: Last part of the position was manually covered, when price action broke the 45° trend line.

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