EURCAD trend change to BEARISH

FX_IDC:EURCAD   歐元 / 加元
72 0
EURCAD : We completed our calculations on USDCAD but now We choosing this pair as Our priorty No. 1 like emoticon
Its time to Call trend Change from here in simple words.
WE ARE BEARISH & against trend Right Now.
Our all calculations completed on this pair as impulsive in nice 5 waves chapter and we believe that Now its time to Call for the Trend change or Gaint Corrections like 2000 pips atleast.
Our trend change view invalidations for the call lies at 1.5611
We will now look down for the targets as 1.50 & 1.48 where 200% or more importantly 261% of wave 1 projections lies for wave 3.
Its time to catch a Sharp Gaint Rally.
Trading recommendations :
We will not stay patience and going to sell Here 1.55 stop loss will place at 1.5611 and our target will be 1.48 at the moment. like emoticon
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