EURGBP- Correction is underformation!

FX:EURGBP   歐元 / 英鎊
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Hello guys, if you take a look on pound pairs then you will see that all are currently in sell mode. On Pound Pairs like GBPUSD , lower correction is under-formation! Similarly we have a corrective structure on EURGBP . So if it breakout then it will be good & interesting trade!

Trade according to your own strategy!
評論: Got a nice breakout! Now heading towards the target
評論: Target level hit with 100 Pips! Take some profit or move your stops accordingly!
評論: We're currently here on first target level with 100 Pips
評論: Just near to the target level!
交易結束:目標達成: All positions closed at final target with 370+ Pips!
ur the best
Have you entered long again or are you waiting for a retest of the TL first? Thx.
+1 回覆
no new entry until it makes a continuation pattern! @Marvin,
Marvin WaveExpert
@WaveExpert, I see, ok. I asked a question a few days ago (but the word "about" was omitted): What about making a comment about when you enter & exit trades? That would be very useful. Thanks
WaveExpert ploskyx3
EURUSD? @ploskyx3,
Again, great trade. In future do you think you could shout out when you enter and identify your target(s) with figures rather than with TLs or is that not possible with your style of trading?
I use arrows instead of price because i just give idea to my followers that this is what likely to happen. So they can interpret it according to their own style of trading. @Marvin,
Marvin WaveExpert
@WaveExpert, Hmm. Ok. It's just that TLs can differ from chart to chart. What making a comment about when you enter & exit trades? That would be very useful. Thanks for your charts, they're great.
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