FX:EURGBP   歐元 / 英鎊
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Same as EURUSD , but maybe even riskier because SL is more important.
I suffer some losses to EUR pair early this week, and I want to make clear that I'm not aiming at revenge trade or guessing top.
TDI on 4H is breaking down and I think PA should touch bottom PAC line at least in the following hours. I will close half position there and let it run.
If it goes against, as Daily TF is clearly showing us, I would be already out.
評論: In a few 4H candle we'll know where we stand. This trade also was dumb, but what was dumber is that I didn't put any SL (that should have been triggered) and any TP (that could have been triggered also!).
Market are really tense these days to swing this much.

When fast RSI will meet slow RSI, let's see what happens.
交易結束:達到停損點: SL hit for real this time.
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