Binary Options. trade for 01.06 looking for the entry point.

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Hi Friends ! Today I decided to tell in detail about my trading, namely to tell about how my strategy "Scalping Pro" works ( see my scripts and ideas )
Consider for example two pairs 1. USD-CHF 2. CAD-JPY .
USD-CHF today at the time of my trade, this currency pair behaved calmly and was in the same price corridor . indicatory pro 2 and pro3 perfectly showed the signals of price reversal.
as a result, 7 transactions in plus for 4 hours of trading.

in the example of the CAD-JPY pair, I will show how to act when the price is in a downtrend or an uptrend .

Indicators Pro 2 and Pro 3, which help to see the moment of price reversal, the main thing-to learn how to read them correctly and then the number of positive transactions will grow .
If you want to try the strategy contact me in private messages, I will give you access and explain the basic principles of action.

I conduct personal consultations and trainings on the basics of Binary options trading.(Tips, recommendations )
Hi! that is nice strategy I would like to try it...
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@azizbek1919, Hi! please write a personal message to all the questions will answer there !
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