Weekly Perspective (EURUSD)

OANDA:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Hey guys,
The previous idea we posted is the same but its a bit messy so decided to posted a new one.Any speculations on the EURUSD guys??? comment below.
The pair is inside a corrective structure and according the confluence of DXY the pair is about to rise and make a fresh higher high.There is a possibility that it might break the trend line and continue to rise.We do have a 200 to 250 pips trade on the upside but if you see a breakout you can either hold your position or you can close your trade based on your strategy.

Note: Everything works with Best money management.
Note: Please leave comments for any query.
Disclaimer: Trade at your own risk.

Good Luck...!!
Growing Forex Team
評論: if you have a strategy and bought this pair from the bottom good- luck if not then wait for the break and a lower degree flag to enter.
評論: wait for the break & lower degree flag to enter.If it does not breaks we see more consolidation.
評論: Hey guys we have a complex correction,the opposite structure of DXY.we may see more consolidation before the move and that is good for the euro.We also have a rate hike of Dollar in the months end.Keep that in mind and secure your profits.
評論: hey guys we can still have that bigger correction
評論: we were looking to sell at the top but price didn't went that up we managed to sell at the previous high and are waiting for more confirmation.
評論: Hey Guys,You know whats happening with the dollar these days,we have a bigger corrective structure explained before and now we are waiting for the price action so we would watch the chart on monday and then trade.As of now we have a lower degree continuation pattern formation to the upside for a B wave correction i guess and have a one more drop downside before it start to go for that final move of 1.1450 to complete the bigger corrective structure of the bigger scenario.Goodluck.
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