analyze for next day for eurusd

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
A personal view (of course, to the professors of honor): the process that is clear today is interpreted as saying that Tramp would have to write his power to China and the rest of the world, which, if he wants, can change the process with one sentence. In my opinion, the dollar remains in its downtrend. Consider one of the US goals now to raise the price of gold to offset government debt, the United States has the largest reserve fund of the world, and then there are several European countries. The backing of single-dollar gold dollars and all this is a deliberate descent, and they know what they are doing. A cold and silent economic war on the road and the United States is opening the way for investment to the world's corporations and attracting everybody. Do not pay attention to these fluctuations that are all verbal wars. The story is very large and very deep. One point to mention is that your service always saw that stock exchanges have been declining trend trends, but for the time being, this is totally in favor of the dollar, and the work of Tramp will turn out to be more pronounced tomorrow with full playback. Your esteemed dear friend.

I also believe in the decline of the dollar, but I feel that the market is looking to gain the dollar.
Tomorrow, the full play of the interview and this daily candlelight will turn out to be pretty good.
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