EURUSD Inside 30 after 4hr 8ema correction

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
EURUSD dropped significantly after some news about German, and this dip may be a good trading opportunity!

Whenever there are inside bars, we need to answer a multiple choice question
1. long the breakout
2. short the breakdown
3. both 1 and 2
4. none of the above.

in this case, 3 is my answer and I like the long a little more as there is a huge daily uptrend!
Also, 4hr finished 8ema correction may also be a plus for this long~

Let's see how it goes!
評論: I got my 1st kick while I'm typing this idea though lol.
Classic inside bar trade!

wait for pivots to trail the other half!
評論: break-even trade, out everthing!
Also a classic example to show the importance of 1st kick ha!
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Sir may I ask a question? from your post i got a few points 1. 4H 8ema correction done, which is a plus based on obvious daily up trend, 2. we saw 30 min inside bar, and you were trying to trade a breakout. my question is, why did you use 30 mins bar, and not 1hr, 15min, or even 4hr bar. since you're referring to 4H correction, aren't you supposed to check 4H inside bar breakout instead of 30 mins? any trick for this? thanks!
@wang6866, Good question, my answer is that I usually use intraday trade to participate in a daily trend, which forms my long/short preference.

So In a daily uptrend I look for intraday long opportunities, the dip today made big movement that makes me want to take a look at 30min chart. and also I checked 4hr chart to see if it bounced right after finishing 8ema correction.

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wang6866 Trader_Joe_Lee
@Trader_Joe_Lee, Gotcha! so it's kinda like quick in quick out. from 15 min inside bar to 1 hr inside bar, all doable for intraday trade, just up to your preferences, right? 4H is way too much for DT, right?
@wang6866, it's more like, if my view comes from daily chart, I'll check 4hr/hr chart to look for confirmation; if my view comes from 4hr chart, I'll check hr/30 to look for confirmation, and so on.
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wang6866 Trader_Joe_Lee
@Trader_Joe_Lee, Thank you so much!!
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