[FOREX] Spectro6 Bot EURUSD Report +6% & 78% Precision

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Since the cryptocurrency market is suffering from hemorrhage, it's a good time to play on a different playground.

I have been only trading with STOCH + SPECTROBOT since Jul/2017 and the results are great, here we are at FOREX with a 78% precision and an awesome +6% profit.

Soon enough SpectroBOT will become public for a really affordable price, follow me and stay tuned - it's just the best signal/indicator out there bang for the buck!
Do you like the tools that I use?
Complete Trading System: https://hypester.org/
Asset Screener: https://www.hypester.org/spectrum-screener
Top/Bottom Finder: https://www.hypester.org/spectral-range/
Flex Oscillator: https://www.hypester.org/spectro-o/
@Lyiness, If hieken-ashi is used, most assuredly, hieken-ashi is not accurate for backtesting
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spectertrading captainquenta
@captainquenta, wow that's very a fast assumption without any information. Great educator lol.
@Lyiness, nope, actually it was a funny story I tried mixing several indicators and common formulas & setups and they all kinda sucked.

So I used a neural network concept, I research and collected a lot of data from good trades(movements) and then we looked for a mathematical condition that happened in most of them.
The main reason I use Heikin-Ashi it's because it's an "average bar" so it already filters most of the noise and since we only use this algo in highly volatile markets we decide to sacrifice profitability for precision, the result is great in 6h+ candles, we don't get in many trades but often they are profitable.

It works with candlesticks too but the precision goes to 50-70% and sometimes it's not worth it due commisions, it's all about style :)
Lyiness spectertrading
@spectertrading, all right. thanks for the detailed feedback ;)
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