FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
70 3
In Anticipation of a slightly poor nfp. the 1.1140 has held as support,,,,,
If you've noticed i used stop order in my yesterday eu future long, reason for that was because the R&R was large, price jumped lower after Draghi's bearish stance, our buy order was not activated and we took no loss, today we are only risking 32pips , hence its worth buying euro at this favourable price.
we can see the price several times have failed upward and downward in the area around the 1.1086 - Fibo 5 from January 26 and last Sept. 3. though is looks very risky to upward, but yes with similar by trendline direction and Fibo, I will take the risk to buy from around that point with the ridiculous hope that next will find a double bottom structure in D1 TF. happy weekend
denn112 Sugito_Laras
good look adeadi, i'll advise you to have your sl 1.1082 just below the low of yesterday, if you can afford the risk... but its worth taking little loss until you can take your win out of a favourable trade., Good luck too.
Thanks mate, for analyst above. no matter how much +pips can reach, but thanks anyway. hope see you next week. best regards
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