EURUSD to 1.08 and back down ?

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
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Hi guys, it's been a very long time since I last published a chart. Sincere apologies for those who have been waiting for it.

The reason I am publishing this one is because all stars are getting aligned for a short of EURUSD around 1.0800
  • AB=CD potential completion
  • 1.0800 even handle
  • Potential Bat Pattern completion
  • 1.618 inversion of last move down
  • 1.272 - 1.414 extension of last move up
  • Fib confluence
  • historical resistance with nice rejection at this level

SL should go above the previous high and 1.618 extension which are around 1.0830

As always, trading is a game of probabilities and finding an edge. With all the above in mind, I think we have an edge and the probability of a EURUSD reversal in the zone. But as you probably know by now, the market is always right.

Let me know what you think ... and if you appreciate the idea, thanks for hitting that like button.

評論: Here is a better view on that Support/Resistance zone around this level

評論: On the weekly chart it is even more clear

交易進行: Short @ 1.0798
SL : 1.0845
TP1 : 1.0675
TP2 : 1.0610

Potential tp at 1.06?
breejn breejn
@breejn, srry i was too quik already see it now^^
How about the fed s interest rate !
Lovely chart(s) and solid analysis - I'm attempting 1.076 with SL at 1.081x for the next leg; best of luck to you
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@TheBanker, thx mate, appreciate the feedback ! I'll be looking for the 1.08 since there is a lot of confluence there and the probability of testing the even handle which work like magnets to price ... But yeah, it's always about probabilities, I prefer to have my SL as close to my entry as possible so that if my prediction is wrong I know pretty quickly and I can optimize R:R
Thank you for sharing, Sir! I currently have 4 possible scenarios and all are valid =((

The Main one is H&S on DXY but everybody see it, too easy and no money to take. Thus, the one you shared looks like a perfect plan B: DXY 100, then 104.6 and then don again
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Nico.Muselle captain_smollett
@captain_smollett, thanks for your comment, indeed a rise of EURUSD to the 1.08 level would mean DXY to test the 100 level again ...
that's my exact setup mate
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@Ranothil, thanks a lot for your reaction. Let's see if this works out ;)
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