#EURUSD forest view

FX_IDC:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
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Hello fellow traders,

I've been asked many times why I'm bearish against the Euro . This question kept repeating, which made me share this beautifull chart with you. Most of you know me as a counter trend trader, but actually I'm trading the long term trend. This chart also shows you why I'm not interested in buying EURUSD here.

You can use this chart as an educational chart, to learn how to draw channels, but also how to find supports or resistances. Multiple techniques are shown here, some examples are:
  • How to find a supportive channel;
  • How to find a channel with a resistor tone;
  • How to find horizontal supply and demand , also known as supply and resistance or horizontal support and resistance ;
  • How to read the trend;
  • And much more.

We need a serious signal for jumping in a buy on this pair, which is not seen so yet. No monthly wick is seen and that makes this short term rally just a suspicious retracement of the big drop we witnessed earlier.

Are you a beginning trader? And do you care about your money? Don't trade untill you have a proven strategy for yourself. All professional traders have been through the process and lost their t-shirt more than once. We all paid learning money and that's why this is an advice coming from the bottom of my hear.

If you are looking for someone to manage your funds or willing to invest with a proven monthly ROI , feel free to contact me. The fund our team is managing reaches almost £10m and you can be part of this succes.

Do you want to see more charts like these? Press the like button, not to reward us but to show some appreciation. This was a lot of work which could be valuable for you.

Regards, Yahia
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