my trade

FX_IDC:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
124 2
That will be very funny
Who is believing this ?!
評論: Waiting for the reversal to enter the trade
評論: Gobally 3 trade for me
評論: I'm not sure about trade 2 and 3. It may change but this is what I expect.
Trade your own plan. This is not trade advice and it's very Dangerous to follow me.

Trade safe ! :-o
評論: It may reverse somewhere here. We're at a strong reversal zone now. I see a probable drop below the first red trend line on my chart. If that happens I prefer to wait and maybe go long a bit lower than my red trend line. I see the market did the same while looking back to the previous structure. And I am also looking to different indicators. This will give me confirmation to enter or not.
評論: I think reversing at 1,1148
評論: Only a few pips down at 1,1148 now I guess we see 88,6% fibo. Then I'll look on the lower timeframe to short. I tried to place a short on lower timeframe, it started to reverse down so I made a few pips before closing the trade as the pair was clearly not ready to make the correction.
取消訂單: The pair hit above a level than my reversal zone. I expect a pull back lower than my first trend line as I suggested earlier. And I will look to recalculate my trades. It should surprise me if the market pushes to 88,6. If I am correct the pair will make a deeper correction than my trend lines before the next rise. Target will be around 1,13 and maybe higher 1,14 levels. This is amazing.
評論: In fact the target of my trades will remain but I'll look for a deeper pull back than predicted so I'll look to enter lower. I'll recalculate and see what will be next based on the Weekly chart.
評論: It looks like the next trade will be a big trade. The kind I do not often share. And the long trade after that if it is effectively confirmed will be even bigger. Usually, the trades I share here are relatively short and medium trades and often quick reviews where I do not trade at all. I think that big trades can have huge potential but I do not like to share them because of the risk if it goes bad. I'll post on the daily chart.
I expect a reversal before the next rise. You'll see where the Rsi will be after this small reversal. The reversal can be lower, but do not believe in a huge fall back.
Manu76 Manu76
@Manu76, understand if I say "huge fall back" I mean closing the gap. In my opinion closing the gap is not for now. But the pair can fall lower than my SL on the chart. That is why I will only enter when my first trend line is holding, so I wait for the reversal and will also closely look how the RSI is reacting before entering. If things does not look good I will cancel before entering.
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