EURUSD Short term long for final leg

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
2077 17
Possibly wave v will be abc structure. retrace $1.11-1.1077, go long for final tg:$1.15.
評論: 4H chart update:
It's still far away from our targeting price, seems in triangle or retangle consol, watch support level$1.117
交易進行: 4H has some support, i bought small lots at $1.11727
4H chart update:
abc structure of retracement wave b likely completed at $1.116, once broke $1.1229 will confirm wave c started.
評論: 4H chart update:
retracement done, and very close to our estimated entry. See a bull flag.
評論: Daily chart update: it's on wave 3
交易進行: 4H chart update: longed from 1.1182 again for short term tp:$1.134, $1.152
評論: Daily chart update: we have mid-term tg at $1.2
評論: weekly chart update: long term bull,if that so, will DXY return to $74?
評論: They are the same candle sticks

評論: move sl to BE
評論: 4H chart update:
it's moving in a flat, once broke out $1.27, heading tg:$1.14-1.15
評論: 1.12has some resistance.profit taken first,and wait for more clear signal to long again.
評論: 4H chart update: 1.1115 holds well, waiting for signal to go long
交易進行: @0.1158
評論: sorry, typo, it's 1.1158
評論: outting now,later i will update the chart. if you are still holding longs,then, be cheer for new high later this month, and,1.15possible, early next month.
i should say, sometimes if don't care too much about the profits or losses in short term, we'll get more rewards finally.
評論: 4H chart update: Broke out $1.1268, will test $1.14
評論: we already have more than 100 pips, move sl to BE.
評論: daily chart update:
it reached 1.14 perfectly, now already more than 250pips, took some profits. left a few position will wait for tg:$1.15, after some retracement done.
交易進行: longed1.356
交易結束:目標達成: Exit profits at 1.143
4H chart update: Likely Wave iii finished. and looking for some retracement in the coming weeks. So decided to take profits for longs.
評論: 4h Chart update:
wave e may have completed, or very close to be completed.
評論: 4H chart update:
wave e compeleted, now on wave iv retracement
Hi Faye, I dont use ellliot waves myself but want to ask you how accurately that system fits eurusd. Any insights will be appreciated. Thanks
Thank you Faylee! Nice chart. The first weekly impulse may have rested here already.
faylee Victor.Y.F
@Victor.Y.F, agreed! DXY double bottom
@faylee, good to go short EU. I have 2 positions now.
faylee Victor.Y.F
@Victor.Y.F, nice! 1.143is good to short
@faylee, All good with SL now.
Victor.Y.F Victor.Y.F
@Victor.Y.F, Stopped out by break even, now wait.
Thanks faylee , you are super.
faylee gutentag1977
@gutentag1977, thank you:)
And what about this setup??!!
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