FX_IDC:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
167 2
EURUSD is the most liquid currency pair.
We sell euro , buy dollars.
The US dollar is again beginning to attract investors, economic indicators are recovering, the stock markets are rising, Trump begins to gain momentum in popularity in the US, the possible curtailment of health care reform. All this positively affects the decision of investors to buy up the US dollar .
Since we are all used to trading on rumors, and not facts, the previous speech by the head of the US Federal Reserve gives us an excuse for expecting further interest rate hikes starting in June, and a possible increase in another unplanned increase, as the US economy's growth is sufficient Impressive data showed, and in order to avoid overheating there will be at least one more increase, after June.

The European currency as a whole demonstrated growth only thanks to the elections in France, because concern about the possible Brexit in the footsteps of Britain was possible only if the French president was Marie Le Pen.
The results are already known, the victory over the Macron so you can breathe out completely.
What does this mean: 1) After the first round, the victory of Macron brought the European currency in relation to other currencies "a huge gap"
2) The final stage of the elections with the victory of Emanuel Macron, the European currency showed a "not impressive GEP" which in a matter of hours was worked out with a further fall of the European currency.
This means that interest in the euro has clearly fallen, there is no incentive for growth, the ECB head at yesterday's meeting, in general, brought down the euro , saying that "there is growth stimulation, but not time to revise further monetary policy" such a speech Obviously did not impress investors.
Therefore, I recommend selling the EURUSD currency pair with a take profit of 1.08251, and also consider a longer sale with a take of 1.07100
In fact, this chart provides a different perspective of the market. This type of charting idea never passed through my mind. It is always good to keep in touch with professional traders.
Thank you for sharing this chart. Continue your good work.
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