Fiber - Trend Continuation (EURUSD)

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Previous analysis on Fiber was for a move down to the major support zone to start the week. After the major support zone was touched a strong rejection occurred causing the overall uptrend to continue as we have ended the sequence of lower highs. The reasons for a shift back to the uptrend are stated in the picture. Higher Highs now expected again with a retest of the high coming first then, if successful in breaking the current high, 1.13xxx would be the next target area, a level we have not seen since before U.S. President Trump was elected back in Nov. 2016.
交易進行: Bad NFP caused USD to take a dump, analysis followed through well. 1.13 lets goo.
評論: Trade idea still valid, Higher highs expected until current support range is broken.. (1.12- 1.123)
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