GAME BTC - Integration with Unity (+350-500%)

BITTREX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin
Bullish Indicators:

- Golden cross
- Breakout of channel
- Upward trend
- Flag continuation pattern


"Belgrade, Serbia — GameCredits, a Blockchain company driving innovation in the games industry, today announced the company has signed a deal with Unity Technologies, creator of the world’s most popular creation engine, that will bring the benefits of blockchain to more than 3 billion devices and millions of game developers worldwide."


Although news was announced in late October, this coin has shown to have serious implementations, It has reached support and then proceeded to break free from long term bear trend.

GPlay Beta roll out and integration with Unity in February 2018.

Holding Period: up to 3 Months
Entry Price: anywhere near the lower triangle trend line


I like your ideas and the coins your sharing. I just bought GAME 2 days ago, hoping for that moon shot! I feel like your an underrated trader keep up the good work! I will be following
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any idea about game ?
Checkout EBST, accumulated that as well. Almost double my money overnight.
+1 回覆
Thanks. Accumulated GAME early yesterday! Almost up $1!
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