gbpjpy. gartley

FX:GBPJPY   英鎊 / 日圓
an at market bearish gartley advanced formation. note on the chart.
交易結束:目標達成: target one is hit.
交易結束:目標達成: second target reached
This pattern was found by the MPS-5.2 pattern recognition software:

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Nice timing
@Maule, it is the result of the market research.
@idrd4788, yep:)
hi, great spot im glad you profited with this trade and you pinpointed your exits very well. I see you drew your gartley with a 100% retracement of a-d from x-a, im just curious if you retrace your gartleys that far regularly or did u only do it specifically for this trade because its a bearish gartley in a bearish market so its a higher risk/ reward trade.
would love a reply just thought I could learn something from sharing ideas. I usually only draw gartley with fib ratios above 50% and under 100% because I think of gartleys as more of a short term consolidating harmonic pattern before price continues to follow gartley

I hope I made some sense but keep up the great spots I love your eye, im definitely going to follow for hopeful lies some new idea.
Alexander_Nikitin untpolevault21
@untpolevault21, Hello. Ifyou think of a gartley as a harmonic pattern then you should enter not earlier than 0,786XA. This is minimum requirement for the pattern to complete.
The formation above is a gartley advanced formation. It's entry is 1,272AB (which is clearly seen on the chart). It is always 1,272AB and never change. If you wish I can give you a link to my free detailed pattern trading course on both harmonic patterns and advanced formations.
untpolevault21 Alexander_Nikitin
@Alexander_Nikitin, I would greatly appreciate that link!
Alexander_Nikitin untpolevault21
Click on the images to get the detailed description. It is free.
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