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My brief Monthly, Weekly, Daily & 4hr GBP.USD chart analysis.

I will be updating this pair as we progress to give a clearer insight into what i'm watching.
A few questions:

From charts,

you see price is getting squashed into 1.28 level. Attempting to retrace up to 1.2960 back again.

Trendline also forming from 1.2640 area upwards. (or triangle).

Rejected twice already on good US CPI and US rate hike last week ..
but perhaps wont get rejected again if any good news from brexit or other bad US data / Speeches ?
TomHall vincedeveloper
@vincedeveloper, I don't personally trade fundamentals, so for me they are not taken into consideration when analysing the charts.
@TomHall, ive come across other traders saying they dont follow fundamentals, most of the time the news is bullshit anyway.
vincedeveloper vincedeveloper
@vincedeveloper, BUT fundamentals do drive the prices in some way - problem is the banks seem to manipulate the prices to their liking sometimes not having direct correlation to latest news.
TomHall vincedeveloper
@vincedeveloper, News certainly accelerates price action but in my strategy trading fundamentals only added a hindrance and lowered strike rate.
great analysis but this is what i except

TomHall MmsComp
@MmsComp, Thank you, your analysis looks good, i hope all goes well into next week.
TomHall gurriafx
@gurriafx, I would refrain from advertising in this form, as it is likely you will be banned or removed.
@TomHall, i have reported him ! His account will be dead.
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