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BITTREX:GEOUSD   GeoCoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Set Targets with no Stop Loss,
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交易結束:目標達成: TARGET HIT (+70%) Change in Profit!
at BloomFX - Forex signals

for B2B -
Lol look at the book orders what a pump stated at 4 bucks someone pumped this buying small amounts at high prices
Be Careful guys. I've been scammed by DianKemmel and I believe this BloomFisher is also related to DianKemmel. I would love to marry Dian because she's beautiful and has many bitcoins now after scamming many many ppl. Anyways, I would be careful if I were you. Just follow the trade ideas and benefit from them. Other than that, I wouldn't risk getting into their memberships. Happy trading all.
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since it has such low volume, whats the most you'd recommend playing with?
is this trade still open?
@justery, Yes!
justery BloomFisher
@BloomFisher, you recommend entry now or wait till confirmation of breakout?
continue to reach to buy ?:D
@DzinBeam, Yes!
Dian Kemala aka Bloomfisher is a SCAM who steals BTC.

She changed her name probably because she's hiding from people who sent her BTC to join at and starting all over with Don't get scammed. I sent 0.02817413 BTC ($300 at the time which is worth a lot more now) for their annual fee to join their "Gold Membership". I never received any services. Nothing. No welcome email, no Telegram Signals group, Trading view PM, no private YouTube, no communication at all.

I then followed the instructions on their website... "If you haven't received confirmation within 24 hours for your MEMBERSHIP please PM me (Dian Kemala) on Tradingview"... CRICKETS.

If you notice on Bloomfisher Telegram and Twitter - no one is allowed to post (or they are reviewed first). She has so many people who she's ripped off she had to change her name.

I requested my BTC back, because of course there's a 100% money back guarantee, nothing so far. DIAN when will you send me my BTC back?

PS - Here is another comment from other people who got taken by this liar - Reddit
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@skylily, Dian Kemala was just an Analyst at BloomFisher™ she was removed due to violation of our policies, second you have paid through and BloomFisher is not liable for any Issues that are caused beyond our boundaries please file a Law Suit in D.O.T-COM Regulations for, If you made any payment from you get response within 24hr so please do not get confused. Dian or any other platform have no such Direct or Indirect relationship with BloomFisher™

The only reason we don't accept payments in BITCOIN is because of scandalous purposes!
we serve and deliver services worth every single penny to our clients,
Thank you and hope you can take back these comments!
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