GER30 on a possible bullish path.

FX:GER30   德國 DAX 指數
During the turbulence of the trade war USA against the world, we have seen a lot of fluctuations in the price of stocks and the representative Indices. The GER30 particularly has massive volatility and potential to destroy a lot on its path. Having said that, looking at the positive side, if these news stop just for a while investors will see the situation as relief and will risk a bit more. We can see GER30 trades are returning to positive with 3 days in a row positive volume and the MACD is at the beginning of bullish signal. If all these ingredients are enough and the price closes above at least 12130 and escapes the 20d EMA at 12150 we can see price going towards 12250-12400. Be aware that at the moment we have initial resistance zone between 12080-12120. Caution! Volatility can be high in the event of turbulent news and negative comments about the trade war. Good luck.

Risk warning!
Trading carries a high level of risk to your capital and may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. You should first be aware of the risk and know what you do before you proceed with trading. Supplied information is not advice.
評論: Back on path to re-test the resistance 12080-12120. Recovered almost all of the day losses.
評論: If maintains the price levels above 12160 will give the strength to power to the next resistance at 12250.
評論: DAX gallops towards 12400/12450. We have tomorrow NFP's day for enough reasons to have volatility and risk! Be Cautious!
評論: European markets open lower amid escalating trade tensions. Overnight Trump proposed additional 100Bln of tariffs on China. Price holds around the resistance 12250.
評論: NFP's print out 103K lower than the expected 190K, last month result revised from 313K to 325K. Huge difference in one month, USD weakness, EURUSD 30 pips higher, thou the movement is muted in the general market for now. DAX30 around the levels before the results.
評論: US Session can bring more volatility.
評論: The trade war still dominates the headlines.
評論: Tensions between the US and Russia continue to grow, leading to GER30 fall more than 130 pips form highs, DJIA wasn't spared and completed exact price move but with more than 350 pips to the downside.
評論: GER30 reached at 12450.
評論: GER30 = 12432* high.
評論: GER30 stretched to 12532, at the moment 12463, lost ground as we entered the afternoon and the US session, now is at former resistance level.
The Trade Academy
Good chart
@eduardtgv, thanks ;), new analysis will be available next week, this one already gave the expected results and stretched another 100 pips beyond.

You can suggest what you want to see in the future as analysis not just for Dax/Ger30, but also for other instruments. Cheers.
GER30 = 12432* high.
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What are expectation for nfp??? To go back to 12000
@eduardtgv, It has a lot of variables involved, but 12000 it seems long way back with the current conditions regardless of NFP`s results, unless we have big shock in revision and current result. With positive risk it should proceed heading towards 12450. Remember last month movement was not so volatile but ended in positive, we had reading of 313K. NFP's can bring volatility but to push back this breakout to the upside needs to be big negative news for stock investors, and don't forget we just started to receive positive news on Macroeconomics and Geopolitics, the trade war situation has the priority at the moment, and if positive news proceed to come in or at least we have absence of negative price goes up. Technicals support the upside too. Caution! Caution! Caution! Good luck.

Suggestion: I told my students, there is one model called MoSCoW prioritization, it is a management model, but it can be successfully implemented and used in trading when prioritizing on what to follow and what to use form technical and fundamental analysis.
@eduardtgv, GER30 = 12432* high.
Technical support and the comments in the link below have supported the market move to the upside, leading to erase most of today's decline. Look chart above.
Tomorrow will test 11900 And back to 12080
@eduardtgv, Trade war will influence the moves a lot, if 11900 approached it may stretch to 11850 before reversing. Trump has in hand another list with new tariffs worth $50Bln against China. Pure technicals support upside thou. Another view of this trade war saga is Europe to see opportunity in the trade war and take the place of USA in the goods and services trading with China. From an economic view this is possible and can have immense impact on the European stocks for the positive. We are going to hear and watch more of this, it has just began.
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