DAX: Potential Sell Off About to Begin

FX:GER30   德國 DAX 指數
In this video we discuss the potential drop of price in the DAX index . Price has reached a long term resistance level and using median line analysis we watch for a sell opportunity to develop.

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Hi, how are you, you are not misguided uhmmm. that price 12565, in blue that means ??? is a potential fall '???, tell me more details and I tell you the end of the movie, I would be interested to talk by chat with you, I believe in your forecasts, as I say I can document the end of the movie, thanks for your Attention
adajab adajab
@adajab, hello again to all, summarizing according to your FORECAST, there is a consensus 12565 is a 100% SAFE fall.

FOLLOWING ITS ANALYSIS STARTING FROM PRICES on Monday the price will look for an A 13430 B 13257 C 13372, AFTER A GREAT FALL OF 696 points towards
D 12672/12642, this I put it, then E 12400 and a F 12565 there another great fall until G 11615, correct what you estimate for a better understanding, thank you very much, for your attention,
@adajab, I think i cannot get what you are trying to spot..! Send me in pm to see if I can help.! Thanks for sharing though!
adajab Fxprotrader
@Fxprotrader, Yassou, I do not try to detect anything I have just written, the prices that you have described in the chart, according to your criteria, the price to be looking for a rise to be able to perform in the highs that corrective ABC, in the 13430, to search the prices below in time.
the price is bearish moment, for a corrective harmonic pattern Butterfly, in H4 whose 38.2 is 13.075 and its 68 is 12.973 the price will start to move once the Fed speaks ,thank you for your attention and antio
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