Everything points to SOUTH, but is moving EAST


Predicting is difficult, and also self esteem consuming after time showing reality, but it should't discourage. We all learn from it.

I analize Argentinian GGAL price, trough Fibos retractions and time extensions, to get targets, but has to rely on main trends.

I'm predicting that is going SOUTH and I mean to be SHORT. In fact I am with a PUT.
Reality shows prices moving EAST, and that means lateralizing with horizontal waves rather difficult to see on daily timeframe .

Some short stock options strategies has to be implemented to the end of this movement espected to end in two months.
Nov 16th.
The entire month has passed and East direction has won.
Nothing happened but mantaining price and volume. The time extention was reached but price levels didn't moved.

Now, they are two different zones one deep low at 30$ below and other much higher at 30$ higher. Both are different predictors from previous movements. The high one is from the last trend, and the lower one from the old trend.
The long straddle is active for the next 4 weeks, but are losing time value and volatility too. Let's wait the options expirations to see. All cards are on the table.
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