Golem/Bitcoin analysis which can affect Golem/USD price action

BINANCE:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
There are many Fibonacci techniques that can be used to anticipate changes in the trend. The one used is the Fibonacci time projection. It is not as accurate as Fibonacci retracements but can be used to warn of possible reversals or turning points in the current trend. Seeing upward price shifts taking place at the 0.68 Fib levels on the weekly timeline is very exciting as they coincide with the RIS and Stochastics which are circled in the chart.

Speaking directly to investors and not day traders or swing traders at this point, there may be great technical evidence that we are ready to move upwards from the 0.68 levels. Though, money flow is yet to come in to showcase more convincing data for newer and stronger trends to the upside. Such moves are taking place silently as we accumulate at this stage.

Positive action may be seen by the end of June as exciting developments will be introduced for Golem network. That means, both technical analysis and fundamental analysis coincide in such a perfect manner. Also, around the 5th of August the Golem trend falls at the 1.0 Fib levels which means its a good sign going forward.

A lot of patience is required to hold out of such a powerful downtrend but similar to large cap coins like Bitcoin , it was only a few months ago that everyone felt the same they do with Golem today. Investors will harp on these opportunities and let the price action do their work. Smart money moves in today.
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@DACapitalTrading, Got yourself a follower too mate. Golem has been studied stringently and its going to be epic. Get investing :D
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