TVC:GOLD   黃金差價合約(美元/盎司)
187 7
Looking for a buy at this price. Price is currently at trendline and support. Just need candle confirmation for entry.

If price breaks, I'm looking to enter on a retest of the trendline for price to go to support.
Longterm sells.

This set up is also in bias correlation based off the USDJPY chart and DXY as all 3 charts are at or reaching major S/R and Trendlines .
評論: An additional insight, price also formed a nice wick to the high touching the 14 and 50 ema's, which may give price enough momentum to break though support.
@ChristiannThind, what sort of retest are we looking for because price broke but seems has gone back under resistance line again
@monitorr, Looking for price to break 1321.7 line and go up for a retest after hitting the 1317 area. Retest entry will be around 1320. Confirmations will be Doji or Engulfing candle.
monitorr ChristiannThind
@ChristiannThind, Okay good stuff. I think I have my Fibs wrong. Is 1317 0.618?
@monitorr, no its just a minor support on the 1hr where price may bounce off to make the retracement happen. it may even push lower than the 1317 zone before going for a retest or might retest even before that, it depends on how fast price is moving and how the candles form etc.
monitorr ChristiannThind
@ChristiannThind, okay, thanks. May have a quick short :)
@monitorr, Absolutely, anything can happen, we shall see as price moves forward.
monitorr ChristiannThind
@ChristiannThind, cheers!!
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