ICX BTC ICON in my opinion will rise against BTC

404 7
Very Basic TA. Cup and handle formation on the daily co-inciding with a breakout above the 50 EMA .

RSI is trending on a bullish divergence

Trade active @ 3540

I will be happy with a 15% gain off this. No official targets
評論: Confirmed Breakout. Volume is picking up. Keep a large portion of your bag in a longre term hold as this will continue to grow in anticipation of the ICO platform release on ICX
Cup n Handle ... Need i say more... last chance
I will be posting charts frequently using T.A to show you all my own trades.
If you like my work then buy me a beer :)

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Breakout has occured.... Take profits if you wish im riding this steam train a while longer
I sold ICX when BTC dropped because historically speaking ICX has proven to be very sensitive to BTC drops. wat do you mean by trade active at @3540?
@AsmaHassan, Hey there. From my perspective past performance is not an indicator of future performance, in this case the charts provide a more convincing argument that ICX will perform well in the coming days. Trade active @ 3540 means i have purchased a bag at that price :)
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AsmaHassan TheWolfOfPatriotLink
@TheWolfOfPatriotLink, what are your indicators that it will perform well in the upcoming days?
@AsmaHassan, Its on the Chart. RSI divergence, Good volume on the 4hr, Breakout of 50 EMA , Breakout of wedge formation. I always look at the larger timeframes 4hr + 1d
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