It looks like we are going to go sideways or down a bit for the big push, we lost the longer term trend since the start of the chart. I think it's probable that we will retest this mornings lows.
chris818 jwilli15
@jwilli15, thanks for your opinion!
jwilli15 chris818
@chris818, super bullish long term though, I think a lot of alts have the same setup as BTC currently and if BTC breaks the money is going to go there first, with alts lagging. Which should give us chances to reload alts from our btc bags.
jwilli15 jwilli15
@jwilli15, @chris818

This is what I mean, there's a trend inside the trend.

chris818 jwilli15
@jwilli15, in here i only focused on the bigger picture that can possibly happen in February when the market starts recovering from bearish momentum. so lets see ,market can do anything.
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