Decentralized technology infrastructure CUP idea

BITTREX:IOPBTC   Internet Of People / Bitcoin
IOP is Internet of People with possible long term investment entry

The Internet of People (IoP) is a complete infrastructure for apps and payments that is not server based. Instead, it is completely decentralized and based on nodes.
Those nodes could run on home computers or even smaller devices like a Raspberry Pi (fully) or smartphone (in part).

The IoP token is a currency that is used for payments on the IoP. It also grants holders a share in the Internet of People as a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO).

There is also HYD ( Hydra ) airdrop for the IOT holders in the play which you can claim till 7th of Jan.

IOP presentation

Feel free to ask :) or if you want to be more in touch and informed simply hit me in PM

*Trade on your own risk*
評論: How to claim your free HYDRA tokens for IOP
交易進行: IOP aiming to the end of cumulation zone get ready :)

Excellent TA on IOP, good spot of this coin thanks a lot +++
Just would like to sharer some latest news from the IoP community
Do exchanges support the Hydra airdrop or do we have to have it in iop wallet? Thanks for the heads up.
Memnon nevzus
@nevzus, iop core wallet
+2 回覆
nevzus Memnon
@Memnon, I learned that snapshot already happened. Thanks
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