IOTA 250% Potential 30 Days Or Less

IOTA Trade Entry @ $3,5-4
Stop Loss $2.90
Target #1 $9-10
Target #2 $10-12 (Gambling)
Risk - 10% or .50
Reward $6.5+/-
Risk reward Ratio is 13:1
Time Frame anywhere between 7 days to 30 days

Iota is strictly gambling garbage shit coin that has no utility what so ever. So ride the way get out or get wiped out. I think it will continue to pump.
評論: As of now I am not able to comment to your comments, I reached out to support to resolve this matter. For everyone who I have offended by stating that IOTA is a shit coin. Please inform me of the utility of this coin?
Bonus; Let me know why you feel its valuation is correct at $3-4? Other than it being pumped by the average speculators.
交易結束:達到停損點: Trade Closed
交易進行: Trade Re-opened @ $2.00
評論: Bitcoin Crashed Trade Closed
Utility for now: 250% Potential 30 Days Or Less :)
you d better ask Bosch A.G reagrding the utility of this coin ,dude
just another idiot. It's what we most have in the world.
TheCryptAlpha EduardoCantelli
@EduardoCantelli, Dont like it dont trade it.
TheCryptAlpha EduardoCantelli
@EduardoCantelli, I still stick by IOTA being trash
@dr3am3r, Thank you.
Oh wow dude. Looks like you haven't spent even 5 minutes doing a decent research on IOTA. I'm not gonna do you homework here, but I'm gonna tell you this; IOTA is actually the biggest innovation of whole crypto space (yes, bigger than Bitcoin or anything on blockchain), the team behind IOTA has no competition and IOTA tokens are the only tokens that are actually being bought and used in the real world (by large corporations) even though the whole system is still in beta phase. Now, you can actually do your homework and learn why this is bigger opportunity than buying Bitcoin in 2010 or you can call me an idiot and miss the biggest innovation of early 21st century. Either way, IOTA is here not only to stay, but to do what Bitcoin and all other 1300 blockchain-based projects can't. :)
@dinovabec, Ok.
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