BINANCE:KNCBTC   Kyber Network / Bitcoin
689 5 9
An interesting long with possible targets listed above. Low gained. Trade at your own risk
評論: First Target reached.
交易結束:目標達成: All targets reached. Big gains.
Are you in this trade @_Dope_Trades ?
_Dope_Trades TheHooperShow
@TheHooperShow, you should have crushed this if you stayed in it.
TheHooperShow _Dope_Trades
@_Dope_Trades, I never got it, was too scared to pull the trigger. I'll catch your next long call though, been having some health issues this month hopefully its clearing up. Anxiety attacks is what the dr. said it was but im skeptical lol
How did you come up with the third target at the top? I don't see anything significant about that level.
all in, selling at 100% gains yolo
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