Great Opportunity to buy farmland in South America

This stock buys you land all over South America.
319,000 Hectares between Brazil and Paraguay, just to name a few (mostly in Brazil).
Exposure to an incredible emerging market.
Exposure to commodities long term (grain and sugar mostly, cattle as well)
Management is a powerhouse.
JP Morgan owns 7% of the float.
George Soros made this company happen.
Google Eduardo Elsztain - greatest Argentine real estate investor. He's LND's Chairman.
Commodity prices are depressed. As commodities rise in the future it will generate more income for farmland.
Brazilian currency has gotten crushed in the last 10 years. New strength in the Real will benefit Brazil's economy.
Company has no debt.
Excellent growth.
Farmland known for its fantastic risk/return profile (it's land in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, etc, not a technology fad).
Under $5 per share so institutions are not allowed to invest, yet. What happens when prices hover above $5 per share? Domestic institutions have this stock on their radar and capital flows one way.
Boo Ya.

Most importantly, we have a great looking chart.
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