LTCBTC is about to break a 3 & 1/2 year downtrend. And only the big guys have the scope to see it!

I tried not to clutter this chart too much, so left a lot out but look how gorgeous it is!! That's what TA is about, right?
LTC is fundamentally strong-- definitely the project i've spent the most time looking into. Community is engaged too.
Plenty of falling wedge fractals in there :)

Here's a shorter term view of the eery accuracy of the fibs and the falling wedge!
評論: Check out these fractal similarities. The main focus is the significance of the DIRECTION-DECIDING TRADING RANGE.

評論: This is the most beautiful chart i've ever drawn:

- Double bottom on year-long fib retracement
- Trading range set, then broken upwards
- Breakout to the 4hr period of a multi-year timefib extension!
- The price had been squeezed between the 0.618 retracement and the fib circle, and broke to the upside

Check out the accuracy of the fib circle!! Best shown in LINE VIEW.

The best bit- I didn't even line these up. I only set the base circle to kiss the 0-1 timefib extension, and the 0-1 fib retracement levels.
Crazy how accurately human psychology adheres to natures laws.
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