Mr Guin and his LTC ideas

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Looking at the charts for LTC it seems depending on which way the market goes LTC will just follow. With August 1st coming up and the whole bitcoin saga if the market head down I will say LTC will head down but not by much. If the whole market goes up LTC will follow and I believe it will follow strongly. Its at roughly $40usd at the moment and I still think it will hit the triple digits within the next 12 months.

The risk to reward I would say that buying LTC you have a better chance of it going up then down. It is a good coin for new comers to sit on and watch their money blow up!

I myself will be funnelling profits I make from other coins into LTC so I can increase my holdings.
評論: For those wondering I think that if it goes up it'll head for $50-55 in the near future.
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