Strategy - How To Make Fast Profit (For Beginners)

You knew I was coming.

How many times have you heard it? or, How many times have you said it?
I hear it all the time.

"Hey I lost a lot of money, I need something to make "fast profit"". Ok... STOP.

Let me make it easy for you. If you look up the Merriam Webster dictionary, and search for "Fast Profit" under the Cryptocurrencies category, yes right there to the left, you will see it's real meaning:

Definition of Fast Profit:

1) A person who is about to lose a lot more than what has already been lost.
2) Adj. Describing of a coming sudden loss of money.
3) Common. To lose money.

You get it? Fast profit only means to lose money.
So when you say, "Oh, I need fast profit now", then what you are saying is that you want to throw away the little money that you have left, because you lost it all on bad plays.

So, ok we know the problem, but what's the solution?
That's why I am writing to start, just needed to introduce the topic.

Instead of "fast profit", think of being sure.
Think of research, think of taking your time to make the next move.
Think of holding for as long as it takes.
Think that if you sell, at the bottom, you will lose everything again.

So instead of the fast profits, that you want to receive,
why don't you tell me, "Help me, I want to succeed!"

With that state of mind, the process can start,
To develop a strategy, that will make you a star.

So instead of focusing on fast profit.
Think about the fact that such mentality is what got you broke in the first place.
Slow down, choose a strong coin, we have endless of opportunities, with much more to come.
Wait, and think of slow profits.
In a few weeks time, you can be sitting on 300%, while with your fast profits, YOU JUST LOST, A 100%.



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💚 🕉 Alan Masters:
you are a master.. I do not know what it means "nameste" but looks good every time i read..
Nice... I want fast profit at first after lost 30% of my asset in crypto currency, but after reading your strategy here. It change my mind. Thank you a lot.
@alanmasters have any predictions about LTC ?
Hey Alan, what do you think of LTC now, some ideas are spreading of a big downtrend for 2018 to come back for autumn. Thank you !
+2 回覆
Thank you for inspiring explanations. I'll try to build a stronger mentality.
its bigg lesson for me
Thanks a lot. I hope I saw this earlier I started recently a week ago
beautiful ,you are awesome right ;thanx for helping us to understand and developing our skills
Awesome you truly are a master thank you for your explanation, I can see now that Fast profit is really a pitfall to losing your money. Your Explanations are awesome thank you.
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