When I published this idea a few weeks ago I didn't even believe this pitchfork myself... But the fact was, pitchforks have always worked extremely well in plotting litecoin. So who is to say that this wouldn't work also?

Very top of pitchfork should be somewhere between 130-140. You can't even see it on the tradingview software... Kind of frustrating I can't move the chart around the way I want to.

If I had to guess, do I think we're going there? Hmmm... Could be if December turns out to be a very bullish month. That's a gain of 33-40% from current levels. If not then, perhaps in q1 2018. Depends if Charlie Lee can roll out those RSK smart contracts, or maybe some of other upgrades, like privacy or lightning network upgrades. However, I am very very lightly invested right now. Very very partially invested, no major positions. Just a speculative smaller cryptocurrency like TRIG, and some small positions of btc , eth, ltc, dash, and that basically sums it up. Lumens is another one I am holding a small position in.

Anyways, be careful. I think bitcoin is getting a bit overheated as we move closer to January. It's gone absolutely parabolic... I have a large fiat position, I am only partially invested in cryptocurrencies.

I'm not a certified securities professional, and I am not qualified to make a recommendation. I am not making a recommendation. Do your own due diligence or consult with a financial advisor before making any financial decisions.
Bullish for sure!
@rbrayner, Right up to the top!
Edit: I definitely don't think this thing is going to go straight up by me posting it. I am posting more as to... Give you a general idea and direction of where I think the trend is heading at the moment.
MidasTouchTrading MidasTouchTrading
@MidasTouchTrading, But something very nice that happened signalling bull trend and showing the pitchfork is legit is that there was just a wick down to the lower quartile before getting bought back up. Bullish
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