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312 3
See chart for explanation
評論: congrats to those who follow
評論: see the range of do ji patterns formed ? Indecision at this juncture as bulls and bear fight out to see who's the last man standing.
評論: sorry bulls, bears win for now
評論: Those who follow, congrats, more than 80 pips profit.
Totally disagree. you are not considering all factors. Btc is currently creating higher highs and in major consolidation pattern. And LTC is closely linked to it at the moment. Your chart shows just a simple trendline break which really tells nothing.

Don't know if it is lack of knowledge or lack of time. But it is sloppy analysis. Flip a coin and you'll get the same result.

An analysis must have targets, and a full explanation of thought process.

Hope you can do better in the future for the sake of informed info.



dchua1969 ChrisSchwarz
@ChrisSchwarz, thanks for your feedback.

If you follow my charts, you would realise that I use mostly trend lines to help guide me. And it has help me thus far.
The next time you flip a coin and get 6 out of 10 charts correct , please post your charts and show.
ChrisSchwarz dchua1969
@dchua1969, Really my point wasn't about getting it right, was about doing due diligence. All my charts have provided profit to my more than 5k followers on twitter. I don't trade every day, I go for longer-term trades since I am a swing trader. and that is what we as a company implement in our trades.

Of course, you can trade based on simple trendline breaks. As well as flipping a coin or looking at the sky. Providing the best possible analysis is what we are supposed to do.

I do hope for the sake of your bankroll your luck still provides profits. When it doesn't then there might be an explanation for it.

Hope you'll keep getting it right, so you can stick it to old-school traders like me.

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