LTC - Buy the breakout

LTC could be on the brink of another breakout. Huge bullflag forming.

Key notes:

1) Look for a high volume impulse above $245 to confirm breakout
2) Triple hourly dojis, something big is coming.
3) Set a tight stop loss around the 20 EMA
4) If BTC starts tanking I advise you to be careful.

Otherwise, buy the breakout! I've already entered @ 242 and I expect a test of $262-$270 in the coming hours.
交易結束:達到停損點: Looks like a bulltrap, I was stopped out @ 240
Too bad btc ruined the party on this one.
So what happens if btc tanks.LTC broke out before BTC did. I t might slow LTC down but the trends will continue
ant187 retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, If btc tanks, I assure you LTC will go with it
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@ant187, so are you out?
This is a risky game. Good luck! Bearish divergence for btc and ltc on rsi and many others! Too scary for me
ant187 Miru84
@Miru84, I agree, what's why you either way to buy the breakout confirmation, or enter now with a tight stop loss.
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