LTCUSD - Going to $517 & $644 ???

We will have to wait and see :)!

A little TA on LTC for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think.

Daily chart updated above. Here we can see yesterday candle didn't close above our $161 resistance level but today we have a HUGE break to the upside. Currently price action is playing on the $210 mark which is the bottom of the resistance zone. We will watch the day play out to see if we keep the bull run intact and close above prior resistance. We need to close above 160 today to confirm more upside movement.

Here is the 4hr chart. This one is giving more confirmation that the day candle will close in favor of upside action. We have break/close/confirmation on candles above the $160 & $190 levels. We will finish our day in good standing for additional upside as we climb our latter back to ATH.
評論: ladder . oops
learned something new: doji at the bottom is interesting.
thank you!
@ToxuKim, Welcome... I'm guessing there are some out there would technically not call that a dojo depending on the open / close #. I think a dojo is suppose to be almost spot on (e.g. open at 10 close at 10) but with anything it's not 100% anyways so based on a combination of elements (conditions) it could increase the argument for dojo. I don't recall specially how I talked about it in the video but I think because the 4hr had breaks/closes over the trendline it confirmed on the weekly dojo. You get the dojo, although indecision, at bottom or top of a /TechnicalAnalysis/Candlesticks/Doji.html#
Loved it, Thanks!
@tcarries, welcome
amazing analysis ... great work
tripjscrypto r2d2martinez
@r2d2martinez, thank you
thanks :)
@bosamfo, welcome
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