Biggest LTC battle coming soon

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All roads send you to LTC 145. Price where Bulls and Bears will battle for the future of LTC. I am in the bull side. If Bulls win, LTC will be free to run alone without BTC or ETH. Until then, LTC is a prisoner of BTC ...and it is the weakest one at the moment.
評論: Undecided Traders :) bulls will win
評論: 133 may be harder to pass then 144 :)
評論: Weekend low trading volumes
評論: LTC stuck at 130. High possibility of a big jump on 16/17 of APR. Last time MA 50 crossed MA 200 from below, there has been a 46% increase. High possibility of this happening again. LTC has performed worse then all top coins from the lows of the last week. I think there is a weird activity going on around LTC as LTC has been the best performer lately. Most tests are done with LTC first then they go to BTC. Let's wait and see. 24-48 hours MA 50 crossing MA 200
評論: Resistance line turned support for LTC...not bad for the bulls...
評論: LTC touching 50 MA 125 price...should turn up after that (this is the bull scenario and my opinion)
評論: LTC touched the 50 MA at 125. Little problem with BTC as it is 1.8 % above the 50 Ma. As always, BTC is leading and maybe BTC will go another 1.8% lower before turning up. That means LTC may touch 122 and hopefully up on tuesday 15-25%
評論: 50 MA about to cross 200 MA...let's hope no bad news tomorrow :)
評論: LTC looking good. 150 in sight. 137 was a bad place to be, it touched it and now it is 138.
評論: Will it touch the bear trend line at exactly where three lines make contact at 145?
評論: LTC closing on target. A little pullback may happen after touching the red line
評論: A push to 145 the back at the red line confirming it as a support would be the best bull option for the future
評論: Missed contact by 2.5 usd :( but good trade :)
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