the next wave up for LTC could be a shocker
in my opinion the crypto market is going to sail past $1trillion
wall street may need to have a few whiskey drinks to figure out what is really going on here.
Looks pretty solid...LTC will Pop/Break-Out...the question is when? This is a VERY trying time to get through; once when do, All will be for the better! Too much about the Crypto-Market suggests "Long-Term, Success"!!! Considering the New accounts being added everyday to the exchanges, the bottlenecks created by the exchanges putting limits on BUY orders...(the math doesn't add up)! These Cryptos will rise, sigh....gosh darn Crypto-Market is taking forever...
+1 回覆
I think u can get ltc under 150 like I did last week
+1 回覆
is 172 a god buy for LTC now? what is your opinion
gjmullen gaurav.masram
@gaurav.masram, i could not sleep at night offering opinions to others to buy or sell. I hold a position in LTC from $72. I am not selling here. I use a stair stepping system to enter into, and out of positions.

depending on your tolerance for short term back and forth, you may consider a strategy that does not commit all your resources at once.

@gjmullen, i feel 160 to 175 is a good level to buy in :) I am in for now
NickPadovani gaurav.masram
@gaurav.masram, Hey bud, I'm not telling you to do so, but I will merely mention that I've seen a lot of analysis pointing towards 100 dollar litecoins in the next few days.
gaurav.masram NickPadovani
@NickPadovani, thank you :) I will look into it for sure..some cheap ltc is fun
NickPadovani gaurav.masram
@gaurav.masram, Haha, yes sir! I'll be leveraging some credit for sure in the event it hits this low. Happy trading, my friend!
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