Litecoin breakout! $349,- target! Very low risk!

Risk: Very low

Please be advised that this is only an idea, so you are responsible for any losses yourself.

Dear followers,

First of all, thank you for following and liking my ideas. The number of followers is rising rapidly. I just started posting since December and it looks like I'll reach my first 1000 followers before March! You people can help me with this by following and liking my ideas. I really appreciate it (It's only one mouseclick) and I'll thank you by trying to provide you with better charts every day/week. I just launched Twitterpage a few days ago and I'm also thinking about launching a Telegram channel, please let me know if you think this a good idea.

Do you remember my previous LTC ideas? (See related ideas) We already gained much with litecoin in previous ideas in both ways (short & long) Let's do it again! :)

Litecoin has broken out and we can look for higer levels again. It gives us a great oppurtunity and a great risk/reward. 277 could be a resistance.

Target 1: 268
Target 2: 292
Target 3: 315
Target 4: 349

SL: Below support line.

Good luck!

Please, follow and like for more trading ideas.

Questions? Feel free to ask and your feedback is welcome!
交易結束:達到停損點: The correction triggered our SL. That's why we use it. We need to revise our analyse when things become more clear.
Would u do xrp analysis?
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Jelmerrr ChichavadeeSangutai
@ChichavadeeSangutai, Please check my channel or the link below for a XRP analysis:

Thanks for this!
Bought in a tad earlier than I'd liked to at $254 yesterday, but you increased my confidence it's still a good hold.

Thank you, sir.
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@wmdean, You're welcome. Everythings look fine for now. :-)
Im holding ltc now. R we already reached first target right? I didnt sell them at first target. Now it s moving downward will it be reach second target? I ll sell ar second target and rebuy them again but dun kno which lv i d rebuy in pls suggest
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Jelmerrr ChichavadeeSangutai
@ChichavadeeSangutai, We didn't reach our first target since I posted this chart. Take partially profit by reaching the first target is always good. Profit is profit. With the rest of your position you could wait for the higer targets. The old resistance could be a new support and might be a buyback level, just like the blue support line. But it's better to wait to keep things clearer.
@Jelmerrr, thank you so much
Hi, I followed you other analysis as well, Looks promising. Which is a good buy level here in LTC?
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Jelmerrr sathya_singh1991
@sathya_singh1991, Sorry, I forgot to add the buy level, but it wasn't really needed, because we already broke out. So it's a buy now. :-)
@Jelmerrr, One more doubt. Why do you draw the lines of the triangle on the closing price and not on the wicks?
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