Litecoin - one more major downturn this year

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Whatever you do don't take my advice, I'm a rookie trader...
There is some turbulence incoming, fasten your seat belts.
I'm expecting another major downturn before new year.
評論: Before doing this I zoomed out alot and tried to find an established bullish mega long term attraction point. When I couldn't find a well defined one I got the idea that even more bearish action is needed. When It rises from the ashes the next time maybe a clearer bullish mega long term trend can be found. As you can see at least it got one well established bullish fractal attraction point. But I think more is needed, a mega long term one.
評論: For starters let's say there's a buy at $36.5
評論: I expect a bearish action around 6:th November (Fibonacci rings cross).
If it goes up the next few days it's totally okay, I'm still expecting a bearish future in a week or two.
評論: Zoomed in went down a bit. I still think it's too early to go down.

評論: Sorry about the confusion! But I just saw that it probably will go up to $65 level before going down. The downturn is postponed even later, so November 6:th is not valid anymore.

評論: Going up now as I was thinking:
評論: Red line should be a brisk wall but who knows. Maybe I'm wrong and it pushes through. I'm no to this so being wrong is perfectly natural. I'm just trying to understand and predict fate, I don't actually know for sure...

評論: Fixed grammar:
Red line should be a brick wall but who knows. Maybe I'm wrong and it pushes through. I'm new to this so being wrong is perfectly natural. I'm just trying to understand and predict fate, I don't actually know for sure.
評論: Spasms close to the brick wall.

評論: It went outside of the "brick wall"! Either I was completely wrong and it skyrockets. The other possibility that I think is more likely, is that it will be a false bull and when returning down it will be even more bloody. I don't see any obvious new fractional attraction point that would push the price up - that's why I'm still pessimistic.

評論: Notice that it crossed where two Fib. rings intersect. This happens time and again.
評論: Maybe my sweet brick wall is holding after all. Some of the bricks lost their glue, but the wall still seems solid.

評論: I don't think the bottom of this Fib. circle set will hold as resistance. It'll probably blast through. Notice the intersecting Fib. circle set once again. This is a weak spot!

評論: A wild guess about the future!
This is not clear yet...
Take this with a grain of salt...

Maybe (very much maybe) heading for $40

評論: I'm less sure about the "solid wall" don't trust it to be solid.
評論: Breaking out again of the "solid wall". Let's see what happens...

評論: The wall is broken. It can still re-enter. Found another bearish point that it could fall to $27.77 at November 23:d.

I found this "November 23" point after finally finding the long term bullish attraction point and giant Fibonacci (not shown below). I will present it later when it is a buying opportunity.

評論: Price is going up. I still think we'll have a great crash this year.
評論: Touching a new resistance (red line) from the giant Fibonacci...
Let's see how it reacts...

Big chart:

評論: Reacting to the resistance...

評論: Looks dangerous. Staying out.
評論: I just bought at 79.5 and have a stop at a comfortable level.
評論: Oh... I see... John McAfee just endorsed Litecoin... Fascinating. That happens to almost perfectly match with when I decided to buy LTC.

評論: This is silly. I'm waiting for the crash and here I am buying this mudskipper.
評論: I think LTC can go to $150 short term.

Please excuse my double signals. I see both the optimism and pessimism at the same time. The pessimism is more obvious to me but right now LTC is looking strong. I bought when it crossed a key level (a fat black line). Once again sorry about my double signals, there is more to come. I am sure I'll buy some of the coins I at the same time say is going to crash... FYI this potentially unpleasant experience will happen again and again and again.
評論: I'm sure some of you don't like me... Maybe even start to feel some really strong negative feelings about me, I actually empathize with this. I will therefore inform you that this will continue and happen again and again (that I give double signals). If you feel like this you should probably unsubscribe because such feelings isn't healthy to go carrying around. I'm probably not going to change.
評論: In 4 hours and 20 min LTC will have choosen a direction. Either a continuation up or it descends. If you want to buy you should probably wait 4-5 hours and wait for the trend to appear.

評論: Redid it. I'm raising a user bias warning here... 3 hours more wait time.

評論: 1 h 55 min left.
評論: $240, December 1:
Is this the biggest fucking fibonacci circle I've ever seen? That last picture has a circle the size of jupiter. Insane. I think anybody attempting to short litecoin is going to get seriously rekt. By all means sell the rallies but going short is too tempting to the demons from hell. Litecoin is unbelievably bullish.
@fortunekr, My natural gas Fibonacci circle that potentially predicts a coming mini ice age in 15 years is even greater (yes the ice age) :)
fortunekr LogicalDeduction
@LogicalDeduction, wow interesting. Thanks.
I admittedly lost a bunch of potential dough being out of litecoin . Still: pretty pics!!
@some_guy, We all loose money all the time. Money we could've earned if we knew better.
confidential transaction coming to the litecoin blockchain soon. Pump should be coming.
great, somebody said buy Litecoin.. i bought and then -5% you serious about not finished downtrend?
LogicalDeduction krakowiakwojciech
@krakowiakwojciech, At the moment it seems stable.
I am sorry because all my money in this transaction is a confirmation of this
For some reason I find your ideas very interesting. I think you're crazy though, but maybe the good kind of crazy. I'll keep an eye on your ideas, as I also find it very interesting to try to decipher the secret behind the markets.
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