our Private Map for LTC

i was share that Private but now it free to see LTC

Confirm for next level Close Daily

if LTC Close Daily above 34.8671

Target= 52.0425

Close Above 52.0425


Close above=68.8154

Target= 85.9155

Close above =85.9155


Totally Gain 200 %

We recommend Capital Management

We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay

評論: Strong and do well LTC
評論: Still Strong should get good move soon ISA
評論: saw what happened when ltc touch $ 34
評論: God willing time to go back $52
評論: after we gain profit at last short chart we here to update again for ltc trade we have active trade for long invest @ $ 24 target = $350 but at this time we trade short as we see at star map ltc fail for close above $52 ltc Touch and bounce to $47 direct, we see down move for all coin, but what happened for our lovely coin ltc ? ltc take subway to down so are we still frozen in our place ?! sure no :)

the first station for ltc @$41 passed we will see $36 again with all this drop ltc maybe go to $31 $25 touch and bounce, so we will make trap for ltc @ $31 and $25

target will be as first $67

we recommend to use capital management

we ask allah reconcile and repay

評論: we still in and we keep eye on ltc movement check last updates
評論: Late share here was shared since 3 days ago
👋 Be a trader, not a gambler, by following risk/capital management!!

Free channels for All updates & Signals. 👇

We ask Allah reconcile and repay ❤️🙏


You think $102? Inshallah that will happen, but what timeframe?
+3 回覆
@Munday, till december may be
Mashallah the draw skill !, i like really the fractal + s/r line hehe
+2 回覆
HamadaMark Madofff
@Madofff, Thanks bro Praise to Allah, who has guided us to this; and we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us.
+2 回覆
good job bro, as usual! I am waiting for a deep to get in . any comment for good entry level?
Eid Mubarak!
+1 回覆
HamadaMark edwardcryptoamos
@edwardcryptoamos, we update twice bro
This guy explains very well .. Thank you for the effort
+1 回覆
Best indicator ever. Do you have an ICO. I would like to invest!
+1 回覆
@hecate, it is good invest bro
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