LTC After failure to implement the condition

after we gain profit at last short chart we here to update again for ltc trade we have active trade for long invest @ $ 24 target = $350 but at this time we trade short as we see at star map ltc fail for close above $52 ltc Touch and bounce to $47 direct, we see down move for all coin, but what happened for our lovely coin ltc ? ltc take subway to down so are we still frozen in our place ?! sure no :)

the first station for ltc @$41 passed we will see $36 again with all this drop ltc maybe go to $31 $25 touch and bounce, so we will make trap for ltc @ $31 and $25

target will be as first $67

we recommend to use capital management

we ask allah reconcile and repay

評論: as we see ltc strong coin and do well every drop calm and go up fast last day ltc get drop to $41.30, its was good scalp cus ltc touch and bounce fast more than any coin and ETC do same thing ,
we see now ltc still on good resistance @45.5, but ltc take much time for passed $45.5 ltc have try passed $45.5 since 26 hours ago but fail and drop, we expect ltc fall again for breakup this resistance, and go down to the power point at $41.30 again

so we keep eye on our trap

we ask allah reconcile and repay

評論: all Thanks to allah as we expect touch and bounce
評論: buy zone $38 until $28 keep eye if price enter zone u can buy and hold with capital management
we ask allah reconcile and repay
評論: our scenario still active

交易進行: active first buy @36.60 enter with 15 % from capital
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: God willing Bounce time
評論: make target for open trade @37.5 we will out more drop come in next week
評論: LTC Start real down trend not big correction its down trend we set main scalping places
chart explain his self
main zones for buy scalp
$35.20 Target $44
$25.5 Target $34.8 maybe end down move at this spot
our big fish and we keep eye on it @$15.60 targets $63
move and charts still active as we under this trend line or not Breakthrough strong price resistance
keep eye on updates

we recommend to use capital management

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

評論: touch and bounce as we expect remind sell at $44.5 because of we will go down again we don`t have any active trades \
I ask Allah Reconcile and repay

評論: Touch and good bounce as we expect all Thanks to allah bounce at $42

評論: Price Reaction say More Drop Before fly
Support range between $36 $34 touch twice first time we were in and gain 37 % from it sec time we were in to but we get out fast cuz chart and this fast move make us expect more dips
now all things do well Good Reaction from $42 zone we wait for the end of the day
to confirm our buy limit zone
評論: as we analyze all see ltc touch and bounce $44 and now drop come all Thanks to Allah

評論: Notice

Strong point $34.5 passed daily and confirmed weekly we will see $25 $19 until now it`s not big deal between $40 and $34.5 so keep eye on movement be careful if you won't trade
評論: we always keep some private work but at the time like that we share every thing
see this map
see the red trend

update 1 after get target
評論: Set buy limits

first, buy at $27.5 enter with 10 % from Capital

Sec, buy at 19.5 enter with 20 % from Capital

Targets = $ 66/86/97

Sl= $3

the risk for orders = 89 % /84%

reward = 281 %/395 %

the condition for cancel chart and trade

if ltc passed $52 and close above it daily or weekly we will cancel trade until this moment we wait for activation our buy limits

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: Ltc still weak and still under 2 strong resistance first one between $43/46 Sec resistance between $ $46 $52 ltc for week still play under resistances some coin move up too but all under strong resistances we still expect dips keep eye on updates

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

評論: ltc sleep ^_^

we under this resistance more than 3 days no up no down :) another coin has same situation wait for btc father for all coin wait him go up for new top or back down faster from our side we still out wait same confirm :)
if ltc passed $44.5 and close daily we maybe See $49 fast touch and bounce safe place in fiat keep market play until sunrise and then have a clear vision for hunting
評論: Allah willing analysis still active
評論: Late share here was shared since 3 days ago after btc-e down we work at usdt

👋 Be a trader, not a gambler, by following risk/capital management!!

Free channels for All updates & Signals. 👇

We ask Allah reconcile and repay ❤️🙏


As always, enjoy your work :)
May I ask if you are going to have a new update on BTCUSD and ETHUSD today?
Thank you for your patience.
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HamadaMark Sophia33
@Sophia33, u are welcome bro we updated btc but we will check it again for u and eth too :)
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cryptomizer HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, would be great to hear your pro opinion on ETHUSD
Thanks a lot bro.
Really good work,you are market nostoradamos
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HamadaMark raminmilani
@raminmilani, thanks bro
But this is not Prophecy like what Michelle was doing

This is research and data collection and the conclusion of what happens next

Such as sick man from the severity of the disease apparent for you that he is very sick so you are spontaneous predict that he will die soon

This is based on the data, not the Prophecy.

I know you mean saying an example and a metaphor but that's an illustration

Because prophecy and such things are forbidden in Islam
raminmilani HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, i know,i am muslem too and it was a metaphor like you said
I know that you work a lot for gathering this information and analysising that and it is very praised that you share it for free ,at the last i have a personal question,why you share this for free?
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HamadaMark raminmilani
@raminmilani, why it`s free? Allah Give us all Things for free why we do not help other and us for free u know about The hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

God helped the servant as long as the slave helped his brother.

Slave "we slave to God only"
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HamadaMark raminmilani
@raminmilani, and many hadeeth about helping others so i love work for free and help other people and ask Allah reconcile and repay
Bro, you like nastradamws))) Amazing)))
Next leg is around 35?
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HamadaMark cryptomizer
@cryptomizer, nostradamus a singer :( i don't like singers :) ^_^

we was in $35 last week so next drop $31/$25 between this range