LTC: First Phase of Epic Pump Initiated

BTCE:LTCUSD   萊特幣 / 美元
Forward from FUDERICK:

The first phase of the coming epic Litecoin pump has been initiated.

I have reset my first target: Between $10-$13 to be hit by the first week May 2017.

There will be a small correction after that, to test new support, followed by an epic pump of unimaginable proportions; $32 per Litecoin by August 2017.

And that will be just the beginning! All the other cryptocurrencies have been pumped, the money that will flow into LTC once that 2nd major target has been hit, might push it to $50+ levels within less then a week of hitting the 2nd target.

Fill your bags now people, you can thank me later by sending some of your profits :D.
評論: It was a good rally, but it has lost steam too fast. If $5,50 breaks, LTC will be back in bear mode. Currently $5,9-ish on BTC-e, OkCoin still above $6.

Keep an eye on it, rally not confirmed.
評論: I hope you all loaded your bags during yesterday's dip. SegWit activation (and LN) is getting closer for LTC. It will be activated at 75%, currently at +/- 55%. Everything going according to plan!
評論: I am moon faggot
評論: That last comment was to prove something on Telegram by the way. Not related to this idea :P.
評論: The chikun will come home to lay eggs again. Them eggs will be fertilised by them chikun and many baby chikuns will be born. Put all your eggs in this chikun basket because chikun's gonna fly soon. To the MOON!
Man you are great .. but i have a question .. who is FUCDERICK? Thanks mate :)
Sent buddy,thanks
MonocoleDundee jazzbass33
@jazzbass33, Thanks, I appreciate it :D.
Where's that tip address!!?? (Btc)
MonocoleDundee jazzbass33
@jazzbass33, Well, I wasn't serious, but if you want to tip, this is my BTC address: 1GSZBLhsCtiaHKCZ1jj51NFb79Z1Y7Td1X
MonocoleDundee MonocoleDundee
@MonocoleDundee, (About tipping / sending profits I mean, it was a joke :P).
fuderik, ur the best
MonocoleDundee Coinflipkens
@Coinflipkens, Thank you, are you one of the TROLLS from Telegram? They banned me, but I was playing them fools all along !!
Coinflipkens MonocoleDundee
@MonocoleDundee, yep i'm one of telegram trolls. won't tell which one exactly.
I hope you took the advice !!
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