Litecoin Technical Analysis - BULLISH

Hi traders! Here is an update on my previous Litecoin technical analysis .
We are currently in a trading range within a major trading range.

The previous idea with main trading range:

Target 1: $300
Target 2: $350
After the breakout, sky is the limit!

If you like my ideas and want to see more of them, please support them by an upvote. Thanks and good luck! - Abdulla
評論: A close above $253 would be great :)!
評論: A small illustration of the bullish reversal.
評論: I'm still holding and adding more. I'll update the idea soon.
交易結束:達到停損點: I have exited my position until I find another trading position to enter, will update you :)!
Hi Abduhlla. Thanks so much for your updates!

I do not quite understand the post from Jan. 14th: "Comment: A small illustration of the bullish reversal." Why is that a reversal? I've been thinking over and over and can't figure it out why it's a reversal.

This is all because of today bitcoin future first contract from tomorrow everything gets back to normal and we will see another all time high for bitcoin but all of this crash again at 13 Feb and 13 March
U have given us the trade closed signal after almost our portfolios have completely eroded
@AKES, Everyone's portfolios have eroded. It's called a crash. TA is almost usesless in a crash
@AKES, welcome to the crypto world
@AKES, This was never a trading signal as I don't believe in them, its called idea sharing. Again, welcome to the world of trading.
@AAlFadhala Your análisis are great, just institutions manipulating news to buy cheap, nobody expected this "correction" at this moment
MedinTrade Michelmery2004
@Michelmery2004, Every year, 23/24 days prior to chinese new year, apparently BTC go through a massive correction. This is my 1st year witnessing, hopefully I'll be around to check next year!!!
Holding all my coins. I am only loosing usd value that is it. It is just another FUD.
Is it still active ?
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