Ripple Update - Still BEARISH!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
I get a lot of questions on Ripple and my thoughts on it. The technical analysis I posted a few days ago is still active, and Ripple is still in a bearish mode. The current target is $1.6, can it go lower? Yes. What is the best price to buy? I can't tell unless we get some indications that it is ready for a bullish move (which we don't have yet). Good luck! - Abdulla

Previous idea:
評論: Heavy selling, Ripple is currently trading at support levels. If it breaks $1.63 - I will update the next target.
isn't there a bull flag on 4 hour now?
@AAlFadhala Good day sir, can you please tell me what will happen when the 200 MA and the 50 MA cross again but on an upper trend? Would this be considered a bullish cross? Thank you and cheers!
Like i had told on jan10th we had a good news to cherish for all xrp hodlers, "moneygram". Like wise , the names of other 2 banks and addition of xrp on coinbase will be out soon and i pray let every individual holding xrp with big dreams fulfill it soon............cheers!!!
I bet it is going down to a dollar or less and then people just forget about it. After 1 year we get another pump n dump where new investors will get themselves crippled again.
@AAlFadhala which MA you use? Peoples turn fave to another coins, mostly with limited supply, and some great idea and good team behind. Bitcoin nothing have in unique, blockchain available for everyone and who know maybe in this year some genius guy will create super-coin. Just my idea.
In the upcoming days or weeks XRP will reach again to $3-$4 , dont sell your coins “patience is the key to success” hold them for now, XRP is not like BTC and ETH that can be mined and hike the price overnight. XRP is backed up by many financial institutions and banks for now, still they are testing RIPPLE , soon XRP will hike up and if you sell now you will have to buy at high again.
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TraderT33 harinsara
@harinsara, I don't believe little guys like me can play on the same playing field as the banksters... They screw us every time... The point is leaving their playing field where they set the rules...

quote: "XRP is 100% premined, Ripple holds 60% of the supply, controls which nodes are selected as “trustworthy” to confirm transactions, while they have paid nothing to create those tokens that people are so willingly buying at $4+ per piece and thereby make the creators insanely rich. Let us call it what it really is, digital fiat, the renewed version of the debt-based traditional fiat system, leveraged by latest technology – which eventually has nothing to do with cryptocurrency whatsoever."

With XRP you're switching between playing fields where bankers set the rules and will screw you time and time again... With bitcoin and other true crypto, you at least play in level playing field with same chances...

Sorry, but I hope XRP dies, it's not a cryptocurrency...
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