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LTC start down trend at 15/7/2017 we see weak moves for 10 days we have Condition of cancellation of landing forecast just passed $57 and close above it it`s mean new summit confirm about now still expect

$33/$31 $28$25 $20$15

first alarm for go up passed the white trend and close above it

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Aug 05
評論: analysis canceled

Be trader, not a gambler, be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay


Hi would you agree that their is a H & S on the 30 min chart & if so would I be right to as it will go down to $2.00 ?
For all the claims that LTC is headed down to $29/$20, if you had bought last night at $38.50 you would have had at least 10% gains today.
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@guppy_, He is presenting a long-term trend. Short-term, yes you can trade this way. But I hope you sold this morning after your gains. I would not keep my money in LTC or any of these coins.
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HamadaMark mightytrader
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guppy_ mightytrader
@mightytrader, I don't hold anything more than a few weeks. Too much volatility in the crypto market. I just don't see LTC going back down to $20 though any more than I see BTC going back to $800.
@guppy_, Do you set stops? I used to not set stops but then I realized: I only care about making and not losing USD. I could care less about any of these coins. They are all worthless to me and won't buy me food and luxuries. USD will buy me everything I need though. ;) I believe in cash and gold; not computer code that anyone can duplicate and make their own blockchain.

I think LTC could go back to $20.... or even $2 for that matter. But it will take time. Could be years. Who knows.
@guppy_, sure bro thanks for info
Thanks for your post. What does it mean that it has passed the white trend line above it?
@Inct73, first alarm for LTC if go up and passed the white trend and close above it we should ready for moves
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