BITTREX:LUNBTC   Lunyr / Bitcoin

LUNBTC on the Daily Chart has run up nicely from Dec to late January, and then retraced to long-term support at 0.00193, and the 61.8 Fib Retracement. This a low volume pair that is looking for a bounce.

Our trade is on the 1 Hour chart where we can see the coin starting to buy, and looking to break out to the upside from its base.

I am buying live
SL 0.00191
Targets 0.002252, 0.002830, 0.003377 and 0.0039

Breakout has been confirmed you can open positions now.

To make dollars your decisions need to make sense. Low volume coins breaking out provide some of the best short term Profits.

For more profitable trades feel free to follow our page.
評論: I should explain how the breakout was picked. If you watch my oscillator at the bottom of my chart, this a special setting and is rarely wrong when used in confluence. When it gave us a buy signal, as price hit support i new an opportunity would come, From there its just about waiting for the buying bay and we are away.
You can see from my trades that i don't often trade low volume coins, but a breakout on them can be a massive trade in regards to percentage of profit and i am in this one.
評論: I am getting a few questions about the indicator at te bottom of my chart. Its a proprietary setting, and while we can share the love and the profits for now i cant share the setting. It has taken be a long time to develop my trading knowledge and my intent is to share openly and honestly as much as i can i also need to protect the IP of people i have developed stuff with. I will share nearly everything else i have with you to help you make more money.
評論: The volume on this trade is increasing nicely we hope to see strong movements after this resistance.
評論: Binance volume has increased extremely well, we are just waiting for a break. Patience is the key.
評論: We are starting to see profits on this trade, please note this trade was directed at Binance exchange.
交易進行: So this chart has found resistance at the 200 ema, which is to be expected. It has since retraced to Horizontal support, and is buying again from there. For those that are awake its a nice spot to enter a trade.
We will keep an eye on the chart and BTC and let you know if anything changes. For now we remain bullish on current Price action
交易進行: Interesting to see the sell volume lift and price hold up. Doesnt look like a pump and dump to me. Buying come back in and at least target 1 looks well in play. We will keep watching and advising
評論: The 200EMA is still providing resistance and bouncing us back to support at 0.00202.
I think that Monday will tell more of a story with Either Support or Resistance likely to break. If your nervous its okay to lighten your position today.
交易結束:目標達成: Target 1, 2 and 3 on this trade has been reached. We nearly reached target 4 and still look strong.

The breakout initially as predicted had strong growth but with the bitcoin movement had strong resistance.

As you can see on the chart below LUN is up 80% and all traders that re entered on the up bar will have nearly doubled their money in the past 12 hours. Congratulations and enjoy your profits.

Followers I appreciate all of your support.

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@DollarsAndSenses What do you think about the Lunyr spike today?
@adrienhobbs, i have closed my position on this trade I had moved my stop loss up to target 2 and it sold me out. I am happy with the profits.

The breakout initially had resistance and i posted this thread volume was building but BTC was moving too strong to allow this coin to break.
+3 回覆
adrienhobbs DollarsAndSense
@DollarsAndSenses, thanks for the lesson Looking forward to more.
I sold at 2300 and made a little bit of $. Thank you sir for your trade advice.
first target 0.002252 has not been reached yet.
Do you think we will reach target 2 today it on Longer hold?
+1 回覆
Fair enough, thanks!
Hey, do you have any idea why the volume is increasing like this ?
dinsum MrKim_
@MrKim_, because bitcoin also rally up test the resist so alt following
hi mate, that' s RSI on the bottom right? if yes, you could share your settings? tks
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